Monday, May 07, 2007

Hi Mike,

We're all doing well in New Zealand. The boys are on a swim team. We'll be able to swim in a few meets too.

One is a two day meet in Dunedin. The other is a developmental meet at our home pool.

I have taken two days (in the first week) of swim coaching / swim teaching training. I think I'm going to go to the New Zealand coaches conference for a few days in a few more weeks.

So, I'm going to have a new bag of tricks upon our return. Some of this stuff is very interesting. Some is very much what we do already.

We have rented 3 bikes (boys and me). We get to bike all around town.

We swam with the dolphins too. That was right at the edge of the coast out this harbor. Lots of excitement there.

Our swimming is in 25 meter pools. There is an indoor 50 meter pool -- but it is about a 1-hour bike ride from here. Too far for daily trips. Plus, it gets dark here about 6 pm.

Team URL is

But it is said as Far-a-new-ee. The Wha is pronounced as "F" --- go figure.

Most impressive are the swim lessons. I've posted some photos at my blog.

Oh, we went to a rugby game too. The local professional team is called the Crusaders. They lost the last regular season game sadly. Now they are in the final 4 of the playoffs, but have to travel to South Africa (vs. Petronia) for the first round of playoffs. Ten of the players on this team are past or present members of the famous New Zealand "All Blacks" -- a national All-Star team.

Grant and Erik are in different workout groups, but with the same coach. Erik was leading his lane today. Grant is one of the smallest guys in the lanes. Their practices are short -- but with 6 or more in a lane. The team has 5 coaches and 200 kids. But there are always 8 or 9 teachers on deck and in the water at any time. There is an 8 lane 25 meter pool, 3 lane teaching pool and 1 lane tiny teaching pool -- all jammed in a building with about 4 feet of deck space around the edges.


Blogger Uncle Bob said...


I love Rugby. I only played it once and that was at Rockport High. We played a group of French Exchange students and we thought it would be easy but they killed us. I scored our only points carrying a little guy on my back all the way down the field.

Take care,

Uncle Bob

3:09 AM  
Blogger Grandma said...

Erik -
This is the only thing in your blog I see. Are you also writing? This seems to belong in your Dad's blog.
Miss you!

XOX Grandma

4:06 AM  

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