Friday, June 10, 2011

Last minute advice from Mt. Nebo (not Lebo)

Erik road the 9-mile loop tonight on his bike. He races at 9 am on Saturday. This will be his second "road race" and a his luck should be much better than the experience a couple of weeks ago in West Virginia's Tucker County.

The guy who cut his lawn and dumped all the grass clipping on the street needs to do a little sweeping with his broom, if he could.

Race director wrote:
Last Minute Details- Tour of Mt. Nebo June 11, 2011

Thank you for registering for the Tour of Mt. Nebo.
Parking/ Registration and Start are at the Martic Elementary School.
Finish is just around the corner on Nissly Rd.
266 Martic Heights Dr. Holtwood PA, 17532

Registration opens at 7:30 a.m.
You will need to fill out and sign a release at reg.
If you pre-registered you we will have a pre-printed release form for you to sign unless you need a one-day license. Then just fill out the one-day form at reg.
If you are under 18 your parent will need to sign your release or one-day form.

Pin your number on your left side.

There is room in all categories. Tell your procrastinating friends to come and race Mt. Nebo.

First category rolls off at 9:00 a.m.

Weather forecast calls for 73 degrees and sunny at the start rising to 80 by noon. There is a chance for thunderstorm- typical summer weather.

There is no food or drink at the start/finish area. Plan accordingly. There is the Mt. Nebo General Store about 1-mile west of Martic Elementary School on Martic Heights Drive.
We do not have access to the school this year, so port-o-pots, sorry.

There is a feed zone for 200 meters before the finish line. Keep in mind that you will go through water much faster with the heat & the hills than you do on flatter courses.

Tech tip: Each year at Mt. Nebo several riders learn they are applying much more torque on their rear wheels when one is climbing steep grades. Make sure your wheel is true and secure. Make sure your derailleur is adjusted properly, especially when your shifting down into the granny gear, otherwise you’ll jam your derailleur into your rear spokes.

Also, make sure your front derailleur is adjusted properly too and don’t downshift from the big ring into the small ring under pressure or you’ll drop your chain.
It’s really hard to get going on a steep hill once you stop.

Speaking of climbing, a rider contacted me this week and said the total climbing on the flyer is wrong and according to his GPS it is about 1080 feet per lap. This is what I thought it was for years than I went to new mapping program and it said half that.
I actually counted the isobars on a contour map and it is 1080 feet per lap.

Also, he noted the steepest sections on Brady Hill Road have a 23% grade. Tough stuff.
Last year’s Cat. 1/2 winner, Joe Dombrowski signed on to the Trek-Livestrong Team a month after Mt. Nebo. He just won a stage race in Europe.

Road Cycling League Super Series- There will be bon us point sprints for the pro/1/2 race with 4 laps to go and 2 laps to go.

Safety Tips. There are several exciting down hills on this course. If at all possible, please check out the course before the race. It will be well marked by 7:00 a.m.
You can also download the race map, which is located on the second page of the event flyer. As always, remember you can’t win a race on a descent at Mt. Nebo but you can surely lose it. The first lap is where you need to pay attention. There will be caution and stay in lane signs at particularly exciting spots. Trust the signs.

This is a centerline rule race. You cannot cross over the centerline to gain position in the field. This won't be an issue after the first lap, because the hills will create a natural selection and the fields will thin out. Also if you cross the centerline when a vehicle is approaching there is another kind of natural selection that will take place!

For the start we will have a neutral rollout for the first mile. On the first descent we will control the pace so stay on your brakes and leave a gap.

Results will be posted at registration.
Prizes will be handed out at registration.
Online results will be posted at then next week on the USAC site.
Look for Super Series results to be updated by Thursday.

We will also have day of reg.

Don’t forget the Coatesville Classic on July 3 and 4. It features a criterium and a beautiful road course. You can enter each individually or you can enter the two day omnium. I will have complete flyers for the Coatesville Classic at registration.

Also look for the State Road Championship flyer to be posted soon for Robesonia on Sunday July 30.

Drive safely

Thank you,


Video trip of the race:



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