Monday, October 10, 2005

Erik's birthday party at Laser Storm. Grant, Randon, Adam, Erik, Martin, Goda.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Hong Kong update from Erik

Tomorrow I am going to Ocean Park. It is a park of sea animals and rides. The reason we are going is for my birthday. And the good thing is that in China we passed the international date line so my birthday is a day earlier.

Hong Kong Disney was amazing, incredible, and magnificent. It was very, very magical. It felt like we were really in a world of fantasy were nothing bad could happen. To get there, we took a bus and then a Disney train. It was not an ordinary train. In the train, there were really soft couches as seats. And when there is not any more seats and you stand an hold the hanging thing from the top, it was in the shape of Mickey's head. Also, the windows were in the shape of Mickey's head.

When we got there, we got out and walked to this brick path with Mickey heads scattered around in the bricks. With different Disney songs playing. The song when we went happened to be "Off to work we go" from Snow White. The funny thing about that was with Mickey all over and having a brick path that looked like old fashioned bricks, it seemed liked we were really going off to a gold mine. In the middle of the path there was a little lake. On the sides were four characters. I forget which ones. But in the middle there was a whale with water coming out of its spout and Mickey surfing on it. It was really fun to see.

So finally we went in. In the gate was the train that goes around the park. But we were there before it opened so we got to see the opening parade.

Then we went to space mountain because we knew that in the middle of the day it would be busy. It was the best ever. I've never been on a better roller coaster because inside it was a big mountain and it was all black but little stars as dots. Because it was meant to be allusion of space. And it never had the drops but it had really fun turns and went really fast.

After that we went on a Buzz Lightyear thing. The Buzz Lightyear thing was that you get in a car with a partner and in the ride there are targets and you help Buzz Lightyear defeat the bad guys. That was also fun.

Now we went to Fantasy Land. In Fantasy Land there is a big castle and we walked through the castle. On your right is a Pooh Bear ride. In the Pooh Bear ride you go into a book and it takes you through a Pooh story. It was really fun. The best part was when you bounced up and down with Tigger. The big thing in Hong Kong is toys with no mouths and I got a Pooh Bear with no mouth.

Also a big thing is that there is pin trading. And we had an American starter set of pins and now I have some awesome Hong Kong pins.

After the Pooh ride we went to the tea cup ride. In the tea cup ride, you have a wheel in the middle and you spin the wheel as fast as you want to spin. I spin my wheel as fast as any wheel can spin.

After that we went to a show "The Golden Mickeys". Because Mickey had had his 50th anniversary. In the show it showed actors doing clips from every movie. They call Mickey "my ky" in Cantonese. They call Minnie "milnie" in Cantonese.

After the show we went to Adventure land. In Adventure Land there is a boat ride. It takes you around this island. The island is where Tarzan lives. Throughout this ride you see animated animals. The animated animals can move and everything. It looks like they are real.

Then we went to another show - Simba, the Lion King. It re-told the story of the Lion King. They focused a lot on singing in the show. I always liked the songs of the Lion King. They used a lot of fire effects for Scar.

Then we went back to lunch and then fantasy land for the Dumbo ride. The Dumbo ride was cool because you decide if it goes up or down. Then we did the train ride. The train ride took you around Disney land and then we had dinner. After dinner we traded our last pins and did our last two rides. Space mountain and Buzz lightyear once more.

I hiked across an island today. The island is called Lamma Island.