Monday, May 31, 2010

Gene Kelly Awards, here we come.

Both Schenley as well as Central/Oakland Catholic did well in the Kelly Awards. The gang attended and many performed. Erik -- just to watch.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

State Education Board recommends nutrition, physical ed changes

State Education Board recommends nutrition, physical ed changes: "The state Board of Education today gave initial approval to proposed student nutrition and physical activity standards for public school districts.
The proposal still has a lengthy process to complete before any regulations would become final.
'Getting junk foods out of our schools and getting healthier food options and 30 minutes of daily physical activity into them are simple steps that can have a tremendous impact for our young people,' said State Board Chair Joe Torsella in a news release."

Erik for Cleveland

Busby in Cleveland
MeeDate: June 2010
EventNumber1: 12
Event1: 100 free
EntryTime1: 52.47 SCY

EventNumber2: 44
Event2: 200 free
EntryTime2: 1:51.83 SCY

EventNumber3: 58
Event3: 400 free
EntryTime3: 5:08.14 SCY

EventNumber4: 92
Event4: 50 free
EntryTime4: 28.08 LCM

Grant P Rauterkus for Cleveland

EventNumber1: 22
Event1: 200 free
EntryTime1: 2:54.58 LCM

EventNumber2: 28
Event2: 50 breast
EntryTime2: 51.62 LCM

EventNumber3: 32
Event3: 50 free
EntryTime3: 35.45 LCM

EventNumber4: 64
Event4: 100 free
EntryTime4: 1.18.60 LCM

EventNumber5: 70
Event5: 50 fly
EntryTime5: 49.82 LCM

EventNumber6: 74
Event6: 100 back
EntryTime6: 1.36.17 LCM

EventNumber7: 102
Event7: 100 breast
EntryTime7: 1.56.07 LCM

EventNumber8: 106
Event8: 50 back
EntryTime8: 43.90 LCM

EventNumber9: 112
Event9: 100 fly = 1:50.05 LCM

Comments: All LCM times (long course) Perhaps 400 cut at Classic
B1: Submit