Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Update from Erik


Here in New Zealand it is the Wednesday the 7th. I am having a blast and I would like to thank Uncle Bob, Caz, Grandma, and all the other people how have kept me updated it has been lots of fun. I had so much fun at the rugby game here are the basic rules for the game. You have to pass the ball backwards like a lateral in football. You can kick the ball down the field when ever you like. The play is continues until there are 5 downs. To be down you have to have the ball and you pinned to the flour. Uncle Bob so you scored a touchdown in rugby with some one on you back pretty impressive. The French rugby team is one of the best in the world and they are hosting the 07 rugby world cup.

When we went swimming with dolphins it was so cool. Since the water is coming strait up from Antarctica the water is very cold so we had to get the proper gear on. We put on 2 wetsuits with bootees glove and a face coverer we also had goggles and snorkels.

When we went out and saw lots of Hector dolphins the rarest and smallest dolphins in the world. We saw lots of outer wild life also. There were no Hector’s that wanted to swim. Then when we were about to go in there were 3 dolphins that came up to the bout and we jumped right in. it was so cool to see dolphins only a foot away from you under water and on top of water. One thing that I will never forget is I turned my head around and the only 6 in. away were these 2 dolphins side by side it was amazing.

We also went to Arthur’s pass by train and hiked around Arthur’s pass. The train ride is called Transalpine and it is rated in the top 5 most scenic trips in the world. It definitely was one of the most scenic trips I have ever been on the beautiful foot hill and then the out stunning Alps. There is so much vegetation it was amazing. When Captain Cook arrived in New Zealand they say he found over 1,000 new plants that no won had ever found before. It is so beautiful here in New Zealand.

That’s it for now I will tell you more another day.

This is Erik



Blogger Uncle Bob said...


When we played Rugby we found that quickness was more important than our size and power which was very disappointing. I got us points when a little guy jumped on my back and I found no one to pass the ball to, so I just took off. Got quite a few laughs, but as noted they beat us up pretty good. I am glad you are having great adventures.

Lots of love,

Uncle Bob

3:02 PM  
Blogger Grandma said...

It is great to read about the adventures you are having. I can't imagine swimming in such cold water but to be so close to the dolphins must have made it worthwhile. Rugby sounds like an intense sport. Guess we can look forward to some scrums in the park!
Your house looks quite different and the whole neighborhood is watching the progress. Keep having fun. xox Grandma

5:56 PM  
Blogger Caz said...

Hi Erik,

Cool! Did you get a few pictures of the dolphins? Hope your having a good time.


5:05 PM  

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