Thursday, January 10, 2008

Swimming to a PB in 100 free

Erik swam the 100 free at the Frick Middle School meet at PCA. His time was 1:00.7. His best time before that had been a 1:03.

The team had AM practice on WED, the day of a meet. The meet was a 'make up' from last week. So, this week the Frick team has had meets on Tue, Wed and Thursday. Today's is at Allegheny Middle School on the North Side next to the National Aviary.

This weekend Erik and Grant compete in a USA Swimming Meet at Fox Chapel.

Erik has gone all season without getting 2nd place.

At school -- there have been tryouts for the spring musical. Since the swimmers were at meets, they have been getting out of some classes to do the audition. Each swings and reads from a script that was provided. Erik sang a do-whop tune, "Goodnight Sweetheart."


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