Sunday, July 15, 2007

Interesting week end of swimming

The boys and I had an interesting two days of swimming. More interesting days and meets are to come in the days ahead as well.

Saturday and Sunday, July was the Allegheny Mountain Swimming "B Championships" swim meet (USA Swimming) at North Park, outdoor, 50-meter pool. And, on Saturday, the summer team, Crafton, went to Mt. Lebo for a dual meet.

Hard decisions were made -- by myself, the dad and coach of the boys. The boys needed to go to the B Championships -- for both days and they'd need to skip out of the dual meet with the summer team.

You can't be at two places the same time.

I was going to go to the Mt. Lebo meet in the morning and then head to the long-course meet at North Park to join the boys who would be there swimming earlier. But Coach Mike, the club and Crafton coach, excused me from the Crafton meet to go with the boys to be at the USA Meet.

Going into the Saturday morning meet, Coach Mike was worried. The team was missing some families on vacations. Other conflicts were floating in too. The squad on Saturday morning's dual meet was not at full strength. The undefeated season (and seasons) was on the line.

Well, the dual meet ended and Mt. Lebo won -- by 18 points. We found out on Saturday at noon or so as another swimmer from Mt. Lebo was also at the B-Champs and her mom, also a swim coach, had come to North Park. I saw the Lebo t-shirt and asked about the meet's outcome.

First place in a summer dual meet is worth 6 points. At the last dual meet, Erik and Grant both swam 3 events, each with first place finishes. Total points 18 per, 36 total.

In a swim meet, the point total isn't that great as adjustment are made in the rankings of second place and such -- but -- to say the least, with Erik and Grant missing the dual meet, it was enough to tip the meet's outcome.

New ENTRY information for BB CHAMPS:

Four NEW events for 2 swimmers. Swimmers already in other events in the meet.

Erik P. Rauterkus, 12, CAR
  • Event # 12, boys 11-12, 100 fly, time = 1:29.10 L (from B Champs)

  • Grant P. Rauterkus, 9, CAR
  • Event # 16, boys 10-under, 50 BACK, 49.80 L (from 50 split in 100 back from B Champs)

  • Event # 48, boys 10-under, 100 back, 1:47.00 L (from B Champs)

  • Event # 55, boys 10-under, 100 free, 1:28.15 L (from B champs)

  • Erik swam a 400 free (5:53.07) at the very end of the meet today. He made a BB cut by 3 seconds. However, the 400 free for 11-12s is NOT a part of the BB Championship Meet format. Plus, he is already entered into four events on Sunday.

    I do NOT expect our entry to arrive via Hi-TEK format for these additional events as the summer team is in a meet on MONDAY night (rain date make-up) with Green Tree and they'll be working hard to get those entry/cards/line-up resolved.

    FYI: Our team's entry person is: Amy Schneiderlochner, Carlynton Swim Club

    Erik's new times:

    200 FLY, 3:26.84 long course -- B Champs, July 2007

    50 back, 50.50 long course - B Champs, July 2007

    50 back, 47.8 long course - B Champs, July 2007 (split in 100 back)

    200 back, 3:35.69 long course - B Champs, July 2007

    100 back, 1:43.83 long course - B Champs, July 2007

    100 fly, 1:29.10, long course - B Champs, July 2007

    400 free, 5:53.07 long course - B Champs, July 2007

    Grant's new times:

    100 free 1:28.15 long course, B Champs, July 2007

    50 back, 53.53 long course, B Champs, July 2007
    50 back, 49.80 long course, B Champs (split in the 100 back), July 2007

    100 breast, 2:08.32 long course, B-Champs, July 2007

    50 fly, 53.33, long course, B-Champs, July 2007

    200 I.M. 3:47.58 long course * D.Qed on wiggle on start - Use for seed time for WV State Meet (Grant would have got first place) - was a BB cut too!

    100 back, 1:47.00, long course, B Champs, July 2007

    50 breast, 57.46 long course, B Champs, July 2007

    100 fly, 2:00.2 long course, B Champs, July 2007



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