Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Winter Training on the indoor cycle at Cycling Fusion

I have been a competitive swimmer my entire life. Every week I spend a lot of the time in the pool doing a lot of yards. This year I tried something different and joined Cycle Fusion Winter Training. Because of the time spent on the bike during Cycling Fusion’s winter training I spent less time in the pool. This scared me at first; however, the improvements in my swimming and in my general fitness took bigger leaps in a shorter period of time than I have ever seen before. I believe the program at Cycle Fusion created this improvement. By getting out of my habitual swim workout routine and changing my routine, I was able to make huge leaps in my performance across many disciplines. I competed in PA High School State Swimming Championships, again, as a Junior, in the 500 free. My time improvements amazed me. I dropped six seconds in the 500 free, breaking 5:00 for the first time ever. I give Cycling Fusion and its winter training a lot of credit for these jumps. Cycle Fusion introduced me to the science behind the workout. The lectures helped change the way I think about training for the better. This along with the heart zones Cycle Fusion introduced me to enhanced me aerobic capacity and performance greatly. I owe Cycle Fusion a lot. The information they shared with me and the training plan I followed, has changed who I am as an athlete for the better.


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