Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Extreme Strings resumes for new year on Saturday

We are excited to get the Extreme Strings Orchestra off to a running start this Saturday January 19. We expect many of our veteran players back as well as new faces, new teachers, new music, and refreshed energy.

Anyone interested in being part of our group should come to CAPA High School at the corner of 9th St. and Fort Duquesne Blvd Downtown Pittsburgh. We are the second Floor and are not hard to find. Try to be there before 9:00 so we can meet and give you some idea what we will be doing. Bring your instrument and be ready to play some fun music.

This week we will be doing some of the new Yamaha music arrangements, refreshing some old favorites, playing the Yamaha Silent Electric Violins, Violas, Cellos, and Bass we have, and also looking at new BOWFIRE DVD we purchased.

For those of you who cannot attend you can see the new BOWFIRE PBS special on WQED-TV Pittsburgh Sunday morning at 9:30. Don't miss it. Fantastic ! They will be in town on at Heinz Hall April 28 and we hope to coordinate some activities with them while they are here.

Don't worry if you cannot come this Saturday. We will be meeting almost every Saturday from now through early May. Come anytime but you might check with us before you come down to make sure we are there.

For more information on schedule, tuition, activities, special guests, sound samples, and now video go to

More news soon. In the meantime we will continue to be dedicated to playing, teaching, and learning the great American music styles of Jazz, Rock, and Fiddling.
Steven Vance
Executive Director

Yamaha Certified String Educator

2549 Penn Ave
Pittsburgh PA 15222

Jazz, Rock and Fiddling
Teaching, Learning and Playing Great American Music



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